Life Transitions

Is Your Life a Channel of Blessing?

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Is your life a channel of blessing? Is the love of God flowing through you? Are you telling the lost of the Saviour? Are you ready His service to do? Make me a channel of blessing today, Make me a channel of blessing, I pray; My life possessing, my service blessing, Make me a channel of blessing today. We cannot be channels of blessing If our lives are not free from known sin; We will barriers be and a hindrance To those we are trying to win. We sang this…read more

On the Farm,
Friday, August 8th

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Bees Most days with my bees are very relaxing. Some days I am the bull in a china shop. I neglected (forgot) to replace a frame that I had pulled for harvest about 6 weeks or so ago so naturally tonight when I pull the box above it off they had attached comb to fill the space … I figured this high up would just be honey not a big deal until I was able to set the box down and see there was brood and eggs in the cells… more

On the Farm,
Thursday, July 31

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and… Bees I’ve been busy with work this week so not much to report – yesterday I was able to do a hive inspection and noticed a hive I had been waiting to cap honey had done so and so I was able to harvest some of it today. This honey is substantially darker than the honey we harvested last month. Garden Not much garden work this week other than having to water as my day job has kept me pre-occupied. Which is fine the heat has been somewhat of…read more