I am not as full of myself as this site suggests but rather I feel this site necessary to help provide clarity. If not for me then for those around me. This blog used to be dedicated to my adventures in triathlon but life is so incredibly busy these days I just don’t have the time for it. Triathlon that is. I know what you were thinking and there is always time for life.

My wife and I are Florida Natives and Christian conservatives. We have 5 children (I had 1 from my first marriage she had 2 from hers that makes 2 together a sort of ‘Brady Bunch’ only more human) My favorite pieces of classic literature are The Bible and The Constitution. I don’t enjoy long walks on the beach because I’d rather be surfing.

I’ve always been somewhat of an old soul so I rant a lot about the way things used to be even though they were never that way for me. I will often contradict myself .

Yes, I am a graphic designer and a web developer. ┬áNo, I did not design the theme for this blog. — That time was spent designing someone else’s. For a fully filtered politically correct version of me and if you’d like to see my work visit my company site at Helio Creative – Palm Coast Web Design

I am a suburban gardner/farmer. My entire back yard has essentially been turned into a huge ‘organic’ garden. Where we grow tomatos, squash, potatos, okra, herbs and any number of lettuces or bok choi etc.