Finally some relief from summer

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As the heat has finally subsided for a few days I went for my first morning run today since summer began. 35 minutes nice easy pace 20 push-ups rotating wide, standard and narrow every 5 minutes using the lap counter on my watch just to make it interesting. I sort of started doing this in the spring as I’m more interested in overall fitness rather than how far can I go and how fast can I get there. I just can’t do distances like I used to my knees will not let me despite how good my ‘engine’ is and how slow the buildup.

I used to compensate giving up running mileage in exchange for 1-3 mile swims or group rides on the bike that were pretty intense which gave my knees a break from the pounding then when I wanted to run the distance. I still had the endurance but less frequent long runs. Given that we have moved to the country there is not an ‘olympic’ sized pool within 30 miles open at a reasonable hour and the roads are significantly more dangerous its really not worth risking life and limb for what is an otherwise leisure activity. I will admit though I miss these two activities a great deal.

Its been 3 years give or take since I last ran a ‘timed’ event – would be fun to try to do some this fall/winter. I kind of soured on paying for overpriced t-shirts but goals typically help with discipline. Otherwise I get the distinct feeling I’m on the road to nowhere…

I do my best work when I run no idea why that is I can be stuck on a problem or hit a creative block for days … go for a run and there are a lot of moments of clarity. The body is just not designed for sit sit sit tap tap tap though I have been doing it for 16 years.

I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:2