On the Farm,
Thursday, July 31

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Today's sunrise

Today’s sunrise


Today's Sunset

Today’s Sunset


I’ve been busy with work this week so not much to report – yesterday I was able to do a hive inspection and noticed a hive I had been waiting to cap honey had done so and so I was able to harvest some of it today. This honey is substantially darker than the honey we harvested last month.


Not much garden work this week other than having to water as my day job has kept me pre-occupied. Which is fine the heat has been somewhat of a motivation killer and the gnats don’t help either. Aggravating things. Some of the beans we had started over the weekend have already sprouted

This weekend I have somewhat of a wish-list of starting more vegetables getting some drip irrigation set up in the garden and building an observation hive. My guess is each of those tasks will take a full day


15ish – pounds of honey
2 – Eggs – 8 chickens = 2 eggs will have to start putting ice in their water 🙂