On the Farm,
Sunday, August 10th

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As was expected yesterday we spent time cutting the folks grass so today was more or less a get all we can done today


We have had a good rain almost every day I think going on 4 days now – rain makes pumpkins happy

Happy pumpkins

Happy pumpkins


I have been trying for almost a week to plant turnips and I swear its one thing after another – connected to the bed we had planned to plant the turnips I had a Natchez blackberry bush that is one of the lone survivors of when we moved here.

This single plant has experienced quite a bit of growth but it is somewhat a plant without a home stuck in a the middle of the vegetable garden. Lonely. Awkward. Not fitting in with the crowd. Not allowed to play any of the vegetable games. So it was time to move it – in looking at it I realized it could easily be divided and I had been planning to start a large section maybe a half acre or so of blackberries so I turned it into 5 plants. A blackberry party if you will. Then mulched them with a small somewhat bushy tree I had cut down that had been growing too close to the house. I really hated to cut it down I enjoyed watching it grow and if there is one thing we don’t have enough of its trees.

Whoa Black Berry Bam-ba-lam (from the amazing year 1977 Black Betty

Whoa Black Berry Bam-ba-lam (from the amazing year 1977 Black Betty

So now that I’ve got this started when it comes time to place the order I finally have the area figured out and should have a pretty good idea of how many plants to order. I don’t know about the opinion of others (nor do I really care for it) but for me the hardest part of gardening/farming (at least when you’re not a mono-crop) is figuring out where to put everything. We have 11 acres and some of it is low so space is somewhat at a premium. Can I live with it in that space? Would something more valuable be better in that space? Will it get enough light? Will it get enough water? If I have to irrigate how convenient is it to a water source? What are the inputs for maintaining said plant(s)?

On the last one – really not much input for the natchez blackberry really like this variety. I have gotten a good growth from this plant (despite a few rounds of goat destruction) with a lot of neglect so I figure it is pretty good for this area.

Black widow guts


About 2 seconds after said picture was taken I squished said spider with said stick and sent said black widow guts onto my face which sent me in very dramatic fashion bolting for the nearest watering hole.

It did put what appears to be a small burn on the bridge of my nose but I did not perish from the experience … unless I’m writing this from the beyond in which case – Elvis looks great.


No harvest really to report today unless you count all of the work … character – thats what I harvested today. Oh and the knowledge if you’re going to squish a black widow … get a longer stick.