On the Farm,
Friday, August 8th

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Most days with my bees are very relaxing. Some days I am the bull in a china shop.

I neglected (forgot) to replace a frame that I had pulled for harvest about 6 weeks or so ago so naturally tonight when I pull the box above it off they had attached comb to fill the space … I figured this high up would just be honey not a big deal until I was able to set the box down and see there was brood and eggs in the cells.. all right there are eggs what are the odds the queen is on this comb right now – 100% thankfully I spotted her pretty quickly and was able to put her back into the hive (at least Im pretty certain I lost sight of her after I dropped her in.

Found wax moth larvae under another hive – not in it – I looked. Under it on a concrete block. – this is a bit of a stressful sight.


Another really nice afternoon shower today – about half of the crookneck squash that I started on Monday have already sprouted.

I had intended to seed turnips tonight but was busy with bee and cow things.

My folks recently purchased a place on the river so we’ll be going over there tomorrow to help mow grass etc – not sure how much we’ll get done around here this weekend – have to get the turnips in – seeds grow in soil not packages.


2 Eggs
3 Frame of Honey – mmm mmm mmm – Eli says “I don’t like bees I like honey”