On the Farm
Friday, July 25th

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Cut the grass in the first pasture – little work with Kahlula to start preparing for a milking routine. No gardening work today – pretty sure we will spend the bulk of Saturday in the garden to prepare beds for the fall – it has been so dog gone hot – mostly I have just been mulching with leaves and hay trying to keep the soil from scorching.

Tomatoes at this point are spent. Watermelons are on their way out and about the only thing we have ‘growing’ are peppers and okra. Started pumpkin seeds a couple weeks ago and they are doing all right thus far despite the heat. We also started some seeds indoors/flats for fall tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli etc. we may be a little early on some of it but not by too much.

The crazy weather in the spring where we’d go from a string of cold nights to a very warm day likely contributed to a lot of swarming behavior with the bees which left me so busy with capturing swarms, making splits and making boxes that they took a good portion of my free time leaving the garden somewhat neglected. I’m a little ahead of them now and for the most part am just monitoring to ensure they go into the winter without requiring a whole lot of feeding.

Feels good to finally get to turn my attention back to my garden as it is in dire need of some tlc…