On the Farm
Saturday, July 26th

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Found some milkweed on the clearance rack at Lowes last week which I promptly divided each pot into 3 – already they have been busy with butterflies and they are only about a foot tall

As was expected lot of garden work today – the soil here is a heavy clay which has been a constant battle though I take a lot of pride in our production in areas where previously if you had hit it with a shovel there was a good chance the shovel would hit you back. Today in those beds we planted a black bush bean, some okra and some cow peas. We also interplanted some corn and lima (pole) beans.

I tend to follow a ‘no-till’ philosophy though we do own a tiller and I’ve used it to break initial ground we rarely use the tiller on a bed already in production. Because of the no-till I prefer to never leave a bed idle and at least have a cover crop of cow peas. All of our beds are roughly 5’x20′ and I’m pretty adamant about “NEVER WALK ON THE BEDS” (my kids would say a little too adamant).

Last year we did some buckwheat which I liked a lot – attracted lot of lady bugs (yes I still say bugs on principle) and other ‘beneficial insects’ – something I learned from a class on integrated pest management. This year I attempted to get the buckwheat locally but no one seems to carry it and this goes back to my whole been neglecting the garden so I’ve had a few beds that are starting to clump again and feels quite sandy – something I think is being exacerbated by too many ‘browns’ and not enough ‘greens’ or the browns are not thick enough to keep the sun from drying the soil.

Also today June Bug and I worked on a new chicken tractor that is larger and lighter than the previous iteration. Should be able to wrap that up tomorrow and then get another bed turned over for butternut squash.


80lbs – Sugar Baby Watermelons – Picked whatever was growing should be the last of it. The soon to be complete chicken tractor will be sitting on this bed tomorrow.
8oz – Cayanne pepper
4lbs – Straight 8 Cucumber
2 bell peppers