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So before I shared a sunrise – today the lawnmower finally arrived after 2 weeks – its rained it seems like every day so the grass was nearly a foot tall so tonight I finally got to cut it – I think maybe I got 3 acres done in about two hours. It was my first time on a zero turn so I was mostly goofing off trying to figure out the best way to get the grass collected in piles so the clippings can be used for compost, mulch or maybe hugelkultur.

There is a big bald spot in front of the house that we’d like to use for a large garden – not sure yet if it will be a formalish garden or kitchen garden but I’m betting a little of both – as it is completely bald and the soil is mostly a clay we’ll being doing them as sheet mulched raised beds (lasagna gardens) – being accustomed to my small quarter acre space I’m having a hard time figuring out the larger scale of everything here – the fun will be in the trying. Anyway most of this grass will find its way there – while mowing though I was enamored watching the sunset – sorry the pictures don’t do it justice – I typically find that with photographs – never live up to life’s experiences.