Turf and Surf

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Good early start on the run today was out before 8 so it wasn’t too hot yet. Took The Cooper let him run in any of the muck or water we passed along the way to help him keep cool and get some water periodically. Strong focus today on keeping the heart rate down so almost a shuffle pace to work on duration and distance. We were able to cover about 7.5 miles with a little bit of walking mostly because I worry about him any distance over 6 miles. I don’t track walking in time or distance.

We’re likely going to be moving soon and next weekend we’ll be attending the Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference so today was my last opportunity for a while to surf in this area that I’ve called home the last 13 years. Unfortunately as is typical in summer it was pretty small but I was able to get 2 solid hours in on the long board so TONS of exercise today. Nearly 3 and a half hours.