First race of 2009 – Matanzas 5000 – PR

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Its funny to me to say race because my main competitor is myself and the clock but it gets the job done. My primary goal for this race was a sub 24 minute 5k in order to get a top 2000 number for the upcoming (March 14th) Gate River Run. My time was 21:55. That is actually 3 seconds faster than my previous PR of 21:58. When I ran the 21:58 I was 23 pounds lighter (presently 186) so that should be a small hint at my present running fitness. If I could drop a couple more gallons of milk I may set a new PR this year. My goal is a sub 20. 19:59. My training partner, Jose, finished in 18:56.

We live about 30 minutes south of St. Augustine and we are up there about once a month or so to walk around so the Matanzas 5000 is probably my favorite 5k. It’s a loop around town and far as I’m concerned they easily have the best looking long sleeve shirt design. Eye of the beholder. The race has a purse and draws over a thousand people many very competitive runners. Could be the shirts, the course and the long race history, not the purse, that causes the big draw for a 5k. Whatever it is if you live in the area skip the novelty of the race at the speedway (been there done that) and run St. Augustine. Has a real family feel over the more corporate feel of the race at the track that typically falls on the same weekend.

In the picture is my step-daughter. She ran her first 1 mile fun run after my 5k. I went with her just to kind of show her how to do it. If you feel a little tired slow down but don’t walk just shuffle until you feel better. She did great and is psyched to start training for the big races after seeing another little girl about a year older that ran the 5k earlier and then the fun run. She is convinced that at the next one she is doing both. She is only 6 so I’m going to have to do a little looking up what that kind of running does to a child’s bones although it reminds me of my own childhood there was no ‘what is this doing to my bones’ we just went and played all day. Let her go as long as its fun for her.

What’s next

Most likely my next race is going to be a half marathon in Melbourne, FL on February 8th. I actually spent most of my youth living in Palm Bay and going to school in Melbourne and have only been back to visit once since my parents moved to Michigan when I was in the 10th grade. I’m not so confident I’m prepared to run that far yet so we’ll see how my runs feel as the day gets closer. No PR’s for that one just finish strong.

About iPhone Running Apps

I have tried just about every iPhone GPS running app available the latest being Trails and let me just say almost every one of them is just about completely useless. The iPhone has some rules that things can not run in the background so I have to make a choice between using my favorite app, Pandora radio, or give yet another GPS running tool a try to see if it produces better results than the previous. I am done wasting my time and will just enjoy my Pandora radio and map my routes on the gmaps pedometer which when running roads and not trails has a nice new feature “automatically for runners”. Maybe some day I’ll get a Garmin 405.

With the iPhone GPS apps, most had trouble finding signal running on open roads and those that didn’t either just randomly quit working 30 minutes or so into a run. So I’d go out for an hour or so run look at the phone and it read 39 minutes 5 miles. I personally even though I work in technology am not a huge fan of technology. I don’t like gadgets I just like things that make my life easier or more simple. This is completely contradictory to running with the phone in the first place but it serves two purposes. On dull days when I don’t want to listen to traffic I get a little music and emergencies….somebody finally runs me over. Groove Armada radio here I come.

For family dying for new baby pitchas – My view while writing this post


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